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Military Boot Camps

Military Boot Camps- provides information on joining the military with links to their sites. Sites provide information on basic training boot camps.

Recommended Sites

US Air Force official site - Contains information on enrollment and benefits of joining the Air Force.

US Navy official site - Enrollment information, contact information, how the Navy will help you.

U.S. Army official site - Information on basic training, jobs, contacts, reserves.

Marines Official Site - Information on enrollment, what the Marines can do for you.

A Few Good Men And Me - Personal story of a young man enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps and his experiences.

goarmy.com | Baskic Training - Meet six recruits as they withstand the rigors of nine weeks of basic training.

Insiders Guide To Basic Training - Guide for recruits joining the military on boot camp/ basic training.

How to Survive Army Basic Training - Introductory look at a soldier's life in boot camp.

Air Force Basic Military Training - Information concerning Air Force Basic Training.